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'Friends of Dalby Forest' is an organisation inaugurated on 7th January 2003. Our aims are to increase knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of Dalby and the surrounding forests, as well as to encourage the involvement of the local community. Following changes in Charity law the friends became a limited company in April 2008 and a registered Charity on 15th September 2008.

Whilst The Friends share many common interests with the Forestry Commission, we are, and will remain, independent, serving the needs of our members and acting as the eyes and ears of the forest.

Dalby Forest is managed by the Forestry Commission. The forest has not always looked like it is today; in fact it was not until the 1920s that the Forestry Commission planted the first of many trees. Formerly the area had been part of the Royal Hunting forest of Pickering and in Victorian times formed several rabbit warrens where rabbits were farmed for fur and meat.

An ever-changing tapestry of conifers, deciduous woodland and open spaces, provides a rich and important haven for a whole host of birds, mammals, insects and plants. Some of these species cannot be found anywhere else in Britain.

Foremost, Dalby is a multi-purpose forest, providing:-

Valuable timber, Wildlife and cultural conservation, Public recreation, Landscape benefits, A place for fun, wide open spaces.

The Friends of Dalby Forest are there to represent Members and to provide the best facilities possible for all who use the Forest. Many ideas are discussed at meetings - some have come to fruition and others are progressing, but there must be many other things that you would like to see carried out. If you have any suggestions then please get in touch with us by clicking here for our contact page or just Contact Webmaster.

The forest is managed by the Forestry Commission and occasionally the Forest Drive may be closed for maintenance, special events, or due to weather conditions and it is always advisable to check the forestry website for details.

The Friends of Dalby Forest no longer produce a Newsletter but The Dalby Telegraph is produced from time to time by the Forestry Commission, North York Moors Forest District, and displayed on Notice boards around the forest.

Forestry Commission also issue an e- newsletter to all discovery pass holders registered to receive it.



To contact The Friends of Dalby Forest you can email the webmaster, put your suggestions in the box in the Visitor Centre or write to us: The Friends of Dalby Forest, c/o Forestry Commission, Outgang Road, Pickering, YO18 7EL.


New Volunteer Day

The new and improved Ellerburn trail is nearing completion, the only thing that remains is the planting scheme and FoDF have been asked to help with some hedge planting. If you would like to attend and be added to the rota, email info@friendsofdalbyforest.org.uk

Another Successful Volunteer day
Our Volunteer day on Sunday 17th November and in fact the last  one of 2013. To get involved, just email us to make sure you get all the latest information about future volunteer days.
The November volunteer day saw volunteers tidying up the Enchanted Wood for the Winter months. We added a lot of brash to the enclosure, fixed gaps in the stone wall and made a few bug hotels!

Free access to Dalby

We are always looking for new volunteers. Want a bit of fresh air, friendly company? Get in touch for more information.

Volunteers to be more visible
Friends of Dalby volunteers have always been highly visible, wearing flourescent vests whenever at work in Dalby. We plan to be even more visible with new high vis vests bearing our logo and text which are due for delivery shortly and should be in use on our next volunteer day.


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